One of the best decisions I ever made was contacting Karen to help with my son not sleeping well during the night. She supported me through the whole process and was always quick to answer any questions. I highly recommend Karen to anyone having trouble with their child sleeping. Being able to have a full night sleep again feels amazing and I have more energy in the day! Thanks Karen!

– Shelly

I used to fear bedtime and I knew something had to change. Karen was always very kind and supportive especially when things weren’t going well. If I was on my own, without Karen’s support, I would have given up. My daughter can now put herself to sleep without my help and finally I have my evenings back. I am so grateful for Karen’s help and recommend her to anyone.

– Christina

We asked for Karen’s help because we used to have really big issues at bedtime with our 2 1/2 year old son. The main issue was the time it took for our son to fall asleep. During our meetings Karen was very patient and clear. She took the time to listen to me and got involved with the whole situation. She provided a perfect plan based on our routine, activities and family dynamics and was clear with all the instructions. The experience was great and it really helped us, our toddler and the whole family.

– Jesica

I had the opportunity to work on my son’s sleeping routine with Karen and it was a total pleasure! She was very nice the entire journey. She responded to my text messages and inquiries very fast and was always available to help me out. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have tried to solve the sleeping problem if it wasn’t for her. She did an excellent job finding the perfect solution in a very easy way. I truly recommend Karen as your sleeping coach.

– Sarah